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    Forty-Four Times Around The Sun

    Finding my forties are the best Another birthday during the covid-19 pandemic. January 2022. I just turned 44. Usually, I am excited about my birthday. I was excited about my birthday. I made some plans to see some friends. Ontario Canada is in another lockdown and outdoor patios are permitted to be open. Yes, in January, in Canada, a couple of my friends and I met up at a cold, snowy, outdoor patio. I wore my snow pants, there was a heater and my beer stayed cold. It was nice to see them, and it was fun to take in the ridiculousness of sitting outdoors, having beers, and being served…

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    Hearing the word F*%K throughout the house

    Sharing inside our home with workmates Our home currently is the home office for two full-time employees, one college student and one high-school student who is full-time remote. We all have our designated workspaces, separated by doors. My son is working on his first year of college from his bedroom and at times is caught up in this social time on the PS4 and bellows out the F word, while my husband is directly below his room, in the basement, on an international call with an important client. I storm into my son’s room with all the rage possible on my face and in the quietest voice that he can…

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    Building Empowerment

    Saying yes to the unknown reveals strengths When I saw my friend’s post about traveling to Honduras to build a school, I knew in my heart that I needed to as well. There was something inside me that just screamed GO; you must do this. I did not know the organization that I was signing up with. I did not know how I was going to raise the money to go (close to $3,000.) I did know that I trusted the universe to guide me through this decision and that I had to take this opportunity to put some good into the world myself. World Accord’s headquarters is in Kitchener,…

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    Do not wait to give your boss a HARD NO

    And keep saying NO I almost jumped out of a moving car; I really did. The feeling was something that I had never experienced before, but it was STRONG and gut-wrenching. I obviously had to protect my physical well being and did. What I also did was stand firm, said “NO” and repeated myself twice. It slowly and shockingly devastated me that what I was saying was not being heard, nor taken seriously. I thought to myself that this conversation could not actually be happening, that I wasn’t actually hearing this. I was also shocked to learn that my intuition was telling me that this was not the first time…

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    Biggest White Christmas Ever!

    What I want for Christmas this year, is the biggest damn winter snowstorm we have ever had. I want so much snow that no one would even consider going out. Yes, I like the snow, and yes in other years wishing for such a thing would be so selfish. BUT Christmas 2020 is different.  This Christmas I am looking for the comfort of bad weather to be the reason I cannot see my family. The comfort of feeling that if there was not a global pandemic happening, I would not be able to travel anyways, due to the poor weather. That would be just foolish. There are many of us…

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