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    When driving home the other day, I started to think back to elementary school. About the friends I had, the friends I wanted, and the kid I was. It was interesting looking back and comparing my experience to my kids. Similarities and the differences. The choices I made growing up and the ones they have, at least the ones I know of. I know there are times when I could have been better. Done better. But I forgive myself for making some wrong moves, and although there are people who I know have forgiven me as well, I don’t know if all have. I still have relationships with people whom…

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    A Night out with friends and no yoga pants

    I wore a beautiful dress, heels, and a push-up wired bra. I did my hair, wore some makeup, and walked to the car at the end of the evening in my bare feet. It felt good. Real good. My first large event since the covid 19 pandemic hit in March 2020. It was filled with people who were catching up, laughing, and meeting new people. The last is what felt so great inside me. The plated dinner that I didn’t have to make any choices about and the cash bar in the corner of the room gave me comfort that we are slowly getting there, to that social spot that…

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    Forty-Four Times Around The Sun

    Finding my forties are the best Another birthday during the covid-19 pandemic. January 2022. I just turned 44. Usually, I am excited about my birthday. I was excited about my birthday. I made some plans to see some friends. Ontario Canada is in another lockdown and outdoor patios are permitted to be open. Yes, in January, in Canada, a couple of my friends and I met up at a cold, snowy, outdoor patio. I wore my snow pants, there was a heater and my beer stayed cold. It was nice to see them, and it was fun to take in the ridiculousness of sitting outdoors, having beers, and being served…

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    Hearing the word F*%K throughout the house

    Sharing inside our home with workmates Our home currently is the home office for two full-time employees, one college student and one high-school student who is full-time remote. We all have our designated workspaces, separated by doors. My son is working on his first year of college from his bedroom and at times is caught up in this social time on the PS4 and bellows out the F word, while my husband is directly below his room, in the basement, on an international call with an important client. I storm into my son’s room with all the rage possible on my face and in the quietest voice that he can…

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    Building Empowerment

    Saying yes to the unknown reveals strengths When I saw my friend’s post about traveling to Honduras to build a school, I knew in my heart that I needed to as well. There was something inside me that just screamed GO; you must do this. I did not know the organization that I was signing up with. I did not know how I was going to raise the money to go (close to $3,000.) I did know that I trusted the universe to guide me through this decision and that I had to take this opportunity to put some good into the world myself. World Accord’s headquarters is in Kitchener,…

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