The dress that didn’t get to dance

But it sure did sparkle. 2020, the year of fantastical changes, grand parties full of sparkles and beauty, the year that was to be significantly awesome. We were to dance, party and grow as we entered the next decade, the one where we were to get our robot maids named Rosie! What we did get, […]

The importance of a Tribe

Empowering each other empowers ourselves “Who does she think she is?”, “What right does she have?”, “Who put her in charge?”.  These are common sentences that I have heard over time when speaking with other women about other successful women.  These comments need to change.  They need to be replaced with “How can I become […]

Grounded – Being home during the COVID-19 Outbreak

As I sit here eating peanut butter from a spoon, I am thinking about all the people who were enjoying their holidays, dream vacations, who are now trying to get home and can’t.  I reflect on a CBC story of some Canadians who were trying to find flights home from Morocco and couldn’t. The airlines […]